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Truck Hire
Payload Load Length Load Height
Luton Van 1700 - 1800 kg 3800 - 4000 mm 2000 - 2200 mm
7.5 ton Truck up to 2900 kg up to 6000 mm up to 3600 mm
18 ton Truck up to 9500 kg up to 7700 mm up to 2350 mm

Please note: These weights and dimensions are approximate. If you need to transport items of a specific size, or you are in any doubt about what size of van or truck to hire, then please contact us and we will be happy to help you make the right choice.

Truck Hire Options

Our trucks are ideal for commercial pick up and delivery jobs. They are also great for furniture removals, especially if you are moving house and need to do the entire job in one journey.

Luton Van (available with tail lift)

We have a number of Luton Vans available for hire. These vans have a volume of around 20 cubic feet, which should be enough space to move the contents of a 2 bedroom home. In terms of weight, a Luton Van has a typical payload of up to 1800kg. The Luton Van is also available with a tail lift to help with loading heavier items.

7.5 Ton Truck

We can provide hire of 7.5 ton trucks, which you would want to consider for commercial transportation and deliveries. In terms of moving house and furniture removals, a 7.5 ton truck should have plenty of space for the contents of a 4 bedroom home, with a payload of up to 2900kg. As with the Luton Van, 7.5 ton trucks are available with tail lifts.

18 Ton Truck

Generally used for commercial purposes but also great for large scale removals with lots of furniture and heavy appliances. An 18 ton truck has an enormous payload of up to 9500kg and is also available with a tail lift.

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